Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get savings?
  2. What is your guarantee for your savings?
  3. What happens if you cannot generate savings for my property?
  4. How much extra time will this take my maintenance staff?
  5. How are you different then a Waste Hauler?
  6. How long do we have to sign a contract for?
  7. How much involvement do you need from my residents or tenants?
  8. What causes our trash costs to be high?
  9. I have a few trash bins that are regularly overflowing, Why does this occur?
  10. What type of management systems do you use to ensure my property is serviced properly?
  11. When and how do I get invoiced?

Q.How do I get savings?

Your savings comes from a combination of implementing our savings solution and our onsite consulting service for your property. After performing our comprehensive analysis on your property, our savings solutions generally include a combination of removing bins, eliminating days of services, reducing the size of bins and/or adding recycling bins. This in turn reduces the dollars you spend on hauler services. Our solutions in combination with 4-6 days of our onsite consulting service lead to a successful savings.

Additionally you save money and/or your staff’s time on cleaning waste enclosures, handling bulky items and appliances which we do not usually estimate in the proposal. This is additional savings beyond the hauler savings we guarantee.

Q.What is your guarantee for your savings?

The PWR team prides itself on aggressive and unique savings solutions for everyone. We also strive to provide an accurate proposal based on the current hauler cost as well as the future costs, which varies by city. Thus we offer a 100% Guarantee on the monthly savings for each property in the proposal. We are human and if for some reason we are not accurate with the monthly savings in the proposal, PWR will reduce it''s price for our onsite services to maintain your savings. We stand behind our Guarantee, even if we have to reduce our prices.

Q.What happens if you cannot generate savings for my property?

It is rare but on occasion we find a property in which the hauler service is right sized, meaning the number bins and days of service are what we would recommend, according to our experience. If this occurs, it is likely your maintenance spends time daily working on each enclosure to maintain aesthetics. Our onsite consulting service would help generate additional maintenance time for more important things on your property. We offer our onsite consulting service for an affordable price.

Q.How much extra time will this take my maintenance staff?

The simple answer is none. Our goal is to eliminate your maintenance time involved in trash. Our solutions and consulting services are designed to give time back to your staff to perform other work on the property rather than deal with trash/recycling bins and enclosures. Once we have an agreement this becomes our job.

Q.How are you different then a Waste Hauler?

PWR is not a Waste Hauler. We are a Waste and Recycling consultant which helps you optimize waste hauler services. We work with the waste haulers to implement better overall waste control and properly maintain a recycling program. Our onsite consulting service is designed to ensure your property has the most optimized waste hauler services and you eliminate any overage or contamination fees.

Q. How long do we have to sign a contract for?

We believe in our savings solutions and our consulting onsite services, thus we work on 30 day terms or month to month. We do not need a long term contract to “lock our partners” into outrageous durations. We let our savings and our consulting speak for themselves.

Q.How much involvement do you need from my residents or tenants?

We don’t require any involvement from your residents or tenants. Part of our onsite consulting service includes making sure the cardboard and/or mixed recycling bins are properly maintained. We prefer to keep the recycle bins locked to ensure the recycling bins are not contaminated. Contaminated recycling bins can lead to additional charges from the hauler. We want to ensure our recycling program will work on your property.

Q.What causes our trash costs to be high?

Most cities are contracted with “franchised” haulers. A “Franchised” hauler means that there is no other haulers that can provide service in the area because they have a long term contract with the city. You might ask how this effects you? Generally, you are paying for a service based on that “Franchised” hauler salesperson’s recommendation, probably from many years ago, maybe without even viewing the property. Typically for most properties, the salesperson has oversold number of bins and/or pick up days. It is simple, Hauler’s make money on every bin and every pick up day, whether there is trash in the dumpster or not. Your costs are not their concern.

Q.I have a few trash bins that are regularly overflowing, Why does this occur?

There are multiple answers to this question, but I will give you a couple of common reasons. First, it might be the original design of the enclosures causing irregular trash distribution around your property. It is human nature to want to take the shortest path in anything we do, including throwing away trash. If one enclosure is further away than another, the residents or tenants are going to use the nearest enclosure causing this enclosure to be more used the it was intended. Trash distribution around the property is not always in the building designer’s thought process. This same problem can also occur if the enclosure does not have enough bins or bins are too small.

Another cause is cardboard boxes. Just 3-4 empty, unbroken cardboard boxes can waste over 75% of the bin space. In this case, the bin has very little capacity for the rest of the residents or tenants trash causing an overflowed bin. In this case, your bin is mostly airspace and you still might get a charge from the hauler for an overflowed bin.

There are solutions for all of these problems and more. We can help you solve your problems. Just call us to set up an appointment.

Q.What type of management systems do you use to ensure my property is serviced properly?

At PWR we have several methods of ensuring that all our partners are serviced with the highest quality in the industry. PWR employees are responsible for maintaining a log for their time and activity on each of our partners’ sites. For those partners'' which want more detailed information, we have a daily service report that would tell you the trash levels of each trash bin on site and what time the driver started & completed their work on your site. Our employees are audited by the Management team randomly every week to ensure the quality of service is consistent at each site. Last but not least, all of the PWR trucks have GPS installed and we have a system which tells us when a driver enters and exits our partners'' site. Our management team has complete awareness at all times of where are team is at and how long they are there. These are just some of the things we do to ensure that our partners receive the consulting services in our agreement and we are constantly improving.

Q.When and how do I get invoiced?

Once we have an agreement, we prefer to invoice on the same billing cycle as the Waste Hauler. Generally, this will help our partners maintain their budgeted expenses without interruption to this schedule. It also allows our partners to evaluate their savings easily.

We will work with our partners during the agreement to determine how they want to be invoiced. This includes mailed invoice, e-invoice, faxed invoice, etc. We are very flexible with our partners.
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