We are a property owner and manager of multi-family apartment buildings and a retail center in Southern California. We turned over on-site waste handling and management to PWR on one property a little over a year ago with the goal of reducing expense while improving the cleanliness and neatness around the trash receptacles. Within one month, the transition toward this new “green” approach was a resounding success. Not only had we realized meaningful monetary and aesthetic gains, we also reaped the ancillary benefit of increased worker productivity as we were able to redeploy our employee (previously responsible for keeping the receptacle areas clean) toward other value add tasks. Needless to say, we have since transitioned all five of our properties to PWR’s green services. I would recommend PWR to anyone searching for ways to create a competitive advantage for their organization.


Through a thorough investigation that was performed by Paramount Waste and The Villas, it was discovered that the property was being billed for additional trash bins that were not present at the site. As a result of PWR's assistant in this matter, the trash hauler was able to rectify the billing of the additional bins and a credit of $25,467.00 was issued to the site.

We greatly appreciate your due diligence in assisting The Villas in resolving this matter in a timely manner.

J.M., Property Manager

PWR provides excellent service and has developed a unique savings solution for our company. Thank you for the time and attention that you give to our company to ensure you exceed our expectations of your service and commitment. We look forward to a long term relationship your company.

H.L., Cap Ex Coordinator


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